Eiguren Ranch – OR. Great Ranches of the West

“Geese, ducks, and other birds fill the streams and small ponds that we drive by. Passing a wheat field, we startle some pheasants on one side of the trail and sage grouse on the other. Richard prefers to use this ‘mule’ on many parts of the ranch since it is gentler on the land than his pickup. When I remark about the abundant wildlife, Richard mentions that Malheur Migratory Bird Refuge nearby, established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Richard says, ‘We have just as many birds here as they have. In fact even the bugs prefer our ranch over the bird refuge.'”
– Jim Keen, Great Ranches of the West Author & Photographer

Please note that only 13 of 228 full color pages from this self-published book are featured.

This beautiful award-winning 12×11 fine art, hard bound, coffee table book featuring over 30 ranches in 17 states with nearly 600 photographs will make a wonderful addition to any home or office, and be a showing of your support for America’s struggling farm and ranch families.

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