New Mexico

Pasamonte Ranch – NM. Great Ranches of the West

“That evening Sam takes me up to Jack’s Point, the highest spot on the ranch, to compose a panoramic photograph of an approaching bank of clouds. I can almost see the big stone ranch house miles away — originally an overnight stage stop on the old Tascosa-Taos Trail. I can imagine how difficult it was […]

Pasamonte Ranch – NM. Great Ranches of the West

“He looked like the famed “Marlboro Man.” Working his horse hard one day in the gusty ranges of northeastern New Mexico, Sam needed a smoke break. He swung off his horse and squatted with his back to the strong wind to shelter his match, reins in his gloved hand. Before he could light up, something […]

Nunn Ranch – NM. Great Ranches of the West

“The Nunn sons became involved in the last of the “range wars” of the New Mexico Territory. There was virtually no law enforcement in the Territory in those days, so it was common for a gun to settle disputes. When the “good guys” won a battle, it was another step of bringing peace and security […]

New Mexico: The Nunn Ranch

I cross the railroad tracks parallel to the two-lane highway, and the road immediately turns to gravel. Soon I pull up to an empty house. It seems that no one is around, so I climb out of my truck, wondering where I should start looking for the owners. Suddenly a young girl zooms out from […]